Foundation and history


An international jamboree with scouts from Greystones. Co. Wicklow/ Irland and Jägersburg take place on a small part of the present youth campsite. Responsible Leaders and committed parents toy with the idea of establishing a scout campsite on the "Herrgottshübel" (=old name of the land). The idea gets realistic, as an owner offer a plot of land for sale.


Purchasing of the first plot of land through the scouts of Jägersburg. Also the scouts get the assent of all neighbours to found the campsite. In the next few years several camps take place with attendees of different european countries. The county borough of Jägersburg supported the campsite and lay a trinking water pipe to the campsite. Gorses and hedges rooted out and trees are planted to provide shade.


For the maintenance of the youth campsite the friendly society "Jägersburger Pfadfinder e.V." is founded. The municipal council of Jägersburg gives the heritable building right for the muncipal land to the society. Further purchasing activities for land are following.


The building of facilities (showers and toilets) is started. The waste water is collected in a concrete pit. Bigger earth works, backfill of an playground, leveling the new campsite 2, lay out campfires are the next steps in the following years. Kitchen with gas- and watersupply, fridges and sink units are established on the 3 campsites. To avoid a unaesthetic ring fence, a grab rail of wood set up around the site.


The county town Homburg support the campsite with infrastructure projects (lay out an underground power cable to the site and building an access road). The connections on the campsite happened in personal contribution.


Purchasing of 6.000 m2 wood (hillside) in the south of the site. These land ensures the trink water pipe. The whole pipe now, passed off the own land. The wood also give good possibilites for games. The scouts worked the land and wood in close communion with the nature.


To avoid the frequently draining of the collecting pit in connection with the damages from the heavy trucks, the scouts lay a 200m long duct to the sewer system. In the summer a camp so called "Mini-Jamboree" under the leadership of the Jägersburger Scouts take place. It was a big international camp with attendees of the follwoing countries: Finland, Austria, Ireland, France, Italy and USA.


Purchasing of several plots of land in the south and east of the campsite. A parking place, a place for games and a new access road for the campsite 3 and washing facilities was created.


Starting of renovation of the washing facilities. The old Kitchen on campsite 2 is substituted through a prefabricated concrete house. In the following years the interior work is finished with stainless steel furniture. Also the kitchen get a housetop with roofed over seats. The outside of the kitchen is panelled with wood. New hedges between the campsites for visual cover are planted.


Extension of the washing facilities for a heating system. Additonal Purchasing of land (for this land the scouts have so far only a licence agreement).


The renovation of the washing facilities is finished.


Renovation of the roof (washing facilities). Start planning a new kitchen for campsite 1. Launching of the website for the campsite. Mr. Klein, the groundskeeper of the campsite for many years, is getting 84 years old. On health grounds he step back. The "Herrgottshübelteam" is founded, a Team of old members of the "DPSG Jägersburg".


The plan of the new kitchen 1 building was submitted to the department of planing and building. A new leaflet of the campsite was printed for better representing. At the end of october the scouts get the building permission for kitchen 1. The building activities are starting immediately.


In spring the building activities for kitchen 1 going on. On the 2nd may in the context of the 40 years jubilee of the DPSG Jägersburg also the topping out ceremony was celebrated. The house is christened to the name "Bernhard Klein Haus".
To make the work much easier on the site, a tractor (Klöckner Humboldt Deutz D5006 Bj. 1972) is bought.


In spring the building activities for "Bernhard Klein Haus" (kitchen 1) going on. (window are build in, panelling of the outside, tiling of the peripherie of the house) The furniture was renovated. To make the cultivation of the grass much easier a mower for the tractor was bought. Also the campfire places are renewed. The forest ranger cut down dangerous trees on the complete campsite.


Pillars for flags are established. Cultivation on the whole campsite. The planning for new washing facilities are starting.


All the kitchens on the campsite get a new modern, hygienic and an easy to clean stainless steel furnishing. Kitchen 3 get also a new roof. Some of the cottages get a new coating. The ideas for the new washing facility put in concrete terms. Applications for grants are submitted.


During the winter some of the tables are renovated. Tiling of the peripherie of kitchen 2. The old fireplace on campsite 2 is removed.
In the washing facilities some tiles damaged by frost and had to remove. Instead of the tiles we install stainless steel sheets. The Planning of the new washing facilities going on. Especially the financing have to be clarified.

The youth campsite "Herrgottshübel" have actually a size of 40.000 m2 including 12.500 m2 wood. Roughly 75% of the land is in ownership of the scouts. The rest can be used by the scouts, because of a heritable building right or assent of neighbours.