Day trips

Largest red sandstone cave in Europe

Red sandstone cave

In Homburg you can visit the largest red sandstone cave in Europe. During a guided tour you can learn a lot about the history and visit the built-in government bunker. The journey to Homburg is easy from the campground. The bus line 505 passes directly by the campground and takes you to Homburg in 15 minutes.

Ruin Hohenburg in Homburg

Hohenburg Castle Ruin

The castle ruin Hohenburg stands on the castle hill (Schlossberg) in Homburg. From here you have a wonderful view over Homburg and the neighboring villages. If the view is good, you can also see Jägersburg. It is best to combine a visit with the red sandstone caves, as these are carved inside the Schlossberg.

View from the ruin Hohenburg over Homburg in the direction of Jägersburg
Nanstein Castle near Landstuhl

Nanstein Castle

The castle ruin Nanstein is located near Landstuhl about 20 km from the campground. From here you have a good view of Ramstein Air Base and can watch planes landing and taking off. You can get to Landstuhl from Homburg by train.

Tower on the Höcherberg in Höchen

Tower of Hoechen

The Höcher Tower is located on top of the Höcher Berg, which is one of the highest mountains in the Saarland. The tower is accessible and from the top you have a magnificent view over the bordering Western Palatinate as well as over the Saarland. Next to the tower there is a large playground and a restaurant. You can walk directly from the campground to the tower. It is only about 3 km walk, it is worth it! Especially if you take the path through the Glan Valley.

Roman museum in Schwarzenacker

Roman museum

In the Roman museum in Schwarzenacker you can get closer to the Romans and learn how an old floor heating works. Some buildings have been rebuilt, of others you can only see the foundation walls. All in all, it is a child-friendly museum. If you want to go there, you can do it by bus. However, you need change the bus at Homburg station.t umsteigen.

Lichtenberg Castle

The castle ruin Lichtenberg is the largest castle complex in the Palatinate and with a length of 425m even one of the largest in Germany. Many buildings have been rebuilt and there is even a youth hostel.

Entrance to the Waldmohr outdoor swimming pool

Public swimming pool Waldmohr

In the neighboring town Waldmohr there is a warm outdoor swimming pool. It is very easy to reach by foot cause it is only about 2 km away from the campground. There you have a non-swimmer as well as a 50m long swimmer pool at your disposal. In addition to the large lawn for sunbathing, there is also a large slide and a 3 m, as well as 5 m high diving tower.

Warmfreibad Waldmohr

Entrance to the outdoor and indoor swimming pool “Koi” in Homburg

Puplic swimming pool “Koi” in Homburg

The swimming pool “Koi” in Homburg is both an outdoor pool and an indoor pool. It is therefore ideal for rainy days. For stressed and strained leaders, the bath also offers a large sauna area. If you want to go there by bus, you have to go to Homburg to the train station and change there.

Saarland Mining Museum Bexbach

Saarland Mining Museum Bexbach

In the mining museum in Bexbach you can experience how it feels to work in a mine. You walk through a real gallery underground and see original machines and tools. There is also a large tower from which you have a good view over Bexbach. The best way to get to Bexbach is by bus. It leaves directly in front of the campground.

Tower in Bexbach near the mining museum
Soccer golf at the Websweiler Hof

Soccer golf

You like to play soccer? Then this is the right thing for you. Here golf is played with a soccer ball, otherwise everything is the same. It is a lot of fun for everyone. The best way to get there is to walk, it is only 1 km from the course, at Websweiler Hof. But it is also possible to go there by bus.

A meerkat in the Neunkircher Zoo (picture by Marc Hennes)

Neunkirch Zoo

Do you feel like going to the zoo again? No problem, we have one in Neunkirchen. Watching the animals is always fun for young and old. And who doesn’t know the goat in the petting zoo that doesn’t like you but amuses everyone else?

Gulliver world 2.0 in Bexbach around the tower

Gulliver’s World 2.0

Gulliver’s World is a permanent exhibition in Bexbach. There you can see many buildings of the world history in miniature. This can be combined with a visit to the mining museum in Bexbach.