Here you can find frequently asked questions and the answers to them:

  • How can I book a campground?

    If you want to book a campground click here.

  • Is timber available at the campsite?

    We have a small amount of timber rods in different lengths available for free borrowing. The timber must not be sawn apart. Timber may be brought to the campsite.

  • Is firewood available at the campsite?

    Collecting firewood is possible in the state forest as well as on the campsite. But no trees may be felled!

  • Are we allowed to build a high fireplace?

    High fire (cooking) places may only be built in agreement with the groundskeeper. Please discuss this on-site with the groundskeeper upon your arrival. He will decide where and how to put them on.

  • Where are we allowed to make a fire?

    Each place has its fireplace in which fires may be made, as long as the forest fire risk is not too high. In addition, in the middle of the campsite, there is a large fireplace that can be used by all groups. The creation of new fireplaces is prohibited to protect the grass scar.

  • Is there electricity and water on the campsite?

    Each group has its own kitchen cottage where there is tap water and electricity. In addition, electricity and water are available in the washhouse.

  • Can we borrow ale-bench sets at the campsite?

    Fixed tables with attached benches are available for all participants on each campground. These can be used for food as well as for workshops. Attention, these are not ale-bench sets. We also don’t have one to borrow.

  • Do you have kitchen ware like pots and eating utensils?

    Our Kitchens have drinking water supply and a sink, 3 large flame cookers and 2 fridges (but no freezer compartment). We do not have any kitchen ware like pots, tableware, and eating utensils. We are also not able to borrow you anything like this.

  • Are there refrigerators and freezers available on the campsite?

    In each kitchen house, there are two refrigerators available for use. These have no freezer compartments. We only charge the electricity consumed for the refrigerators.

  • Are gas bottles needed for cooking at the campsite and where can we buy them?

    In the kitchen houses, two stool cookers are connected to gas bottles. These gas cylinders are provided by us for safety reasons.

  • Is the sanitary facility used by all groups and who cleans them?

    Our new sanitary facility was put into operation in 2013. It is shared by all three campgrounds. Each group is jointly responsible for the cleanliness of the sanitary house. The groups discuss with each other who has to clean the sanitary house and when. We don’t have a cleaner.

  • Is it allowed to bring a pet (e.g. a dog) to the campsite?

    Basically no! We only make an exception for designated guide dogs that are needed by a person in need of help.

  • Is there a contact person for us on-site during the tent camp?

    There is a groundskeeper, who you can also contact by phone when you arrive so that he can instruct you. (The number can be found on the information board on the campsite) You can contact him if you have any problems. In addition, we are regularly at the campsite, just speak to us.

  • Can pre-tours arrive at the campsite earlier and follow-up tours leave later?

    Basically yes, whereby we then calculate the full group strength.

  • Can we arrive or depart on a day other than Saturday?

    Yes, you can. You just have to look in the occupancy plan to see if there is space.

  • Can cars/minibuses park at the campsite?

    Yes, Cars and minibuses can park at the campsite in two parking spaces. From the 3rd vehicle, we charge a fee. Here you will find the exact scale of fees.

  • Is the campsite accessible by public transport?

    Yes, please have a look here.

  • Can we receive mail and parcels at the campsite?

    No, the campsite has no postal address and no mailbox.

  • Are there badges from the campsite and where can you get them?

    Yes, we have embroidered badges. These can be purchased at any time from the groundskeeper for 2,50 EUR each. The patch is 6x5cm in size.

  • Is there a bill after the tent camp?

    Yes, at the end of the warehouse a proper invoice will be issued with the number, group name, length of stay, etc., which also shows VAT. The invoice must be transferred within 10 days. Grant applications that you have with you will also be stamped and signed by us.

  • What do we do if our number of participants changes?

    Small fluctuations are no problem, simply state your exact number when billing at the end of the warehouse. In case of major deviations, please contact us.

  • What do we do if our camp cannot take place?

    The right to repayment of the deposit does not apply. If no replacement occupancy can be made due to short-term deregistration, the place owner reserves the right to assert claims for damages in the amount of half the occupancy fee.

  • Are cleaning utensils available for the kitchens and the sanitary building?

    No, there are no cleaning utensils. You have to bring your own cleaning utensils, we do not provide them.