Local recreation area Jägersburger Weiher

Only 800m from the campground


Fun Forest Adventure Park Homburg / Saar – an adventure day at the lake! (Picture from Fun Forest GmbH)

Fun Forest Adventure Park

On an area of 2 hectares in the local recreation area of Homburg Jägersburg more than 90 trees are connected with about 15,000 meters of steel rope. Secured by a harness, protected by a helmet and informed about everything important by a safety briefing, guests climb over the total of 14 courses. With increasing difficulty, the height also goes up and up: while the practice courses for beginner are only up to relaxed 2 to 3 meters, the highest course leads up to a lofty 16 meters – from where one then starts on a 170-meter-long slide across the lake. (Press release 2021 from Fun Forest GmbH)


The Gustavsburg with museum.

The Gustavsburg

The Gustavsburg is the local museum of Jägersburg. Here you can experience what Jägersburg has to do with the Bavarian king and the American independence.

Chapel next to the Gustavsburg
Schlossweiher next to Gustavsburg
Multifunctional sports ground at the Brückweiher

Multifunctional place

At the Brückweiher you will find in addition to the Fun Forest Adventure Park, a pedal boat rental, and a multifunctional sports ground. Here you can play soccer as well as basketball. If you don’t feel like it, you can lie in the sun and relax on the adjacent large sunbathing lawn.

Gastronomy at the Brückweiher (picture by Fun Forest GmbH)

Gastronomic offer

Around the pond you will find various gastronomic offers – a beer garden with local and Bavarian food, Burgers and Schnitzel at the log cabin and Pizza at the Italian Restaurant.

Gastronomic offer (Picture by Gastro-Konzept Trösch GmbH)
Minigolf course in Jägersburg


If you suddenly feel like playing a round of mini golf, the Jägersburg pond is the right place for you. Here you will find a large course that is shaded even on hot summer days. Next to it there is a whater playground and a beer garden with different small dishes.

The pedal boats at the Jägersburger Weiher (picture by Gastro-Konzept Trösch GmbH)

Pedal boating

A fun venture on the largest of the many ponds. While two have to pedal, two others can make themselves comfortable in the back. You can rent the pedal boats at Hotel Peters. For children you can also rent life jackets.


E-bikes for rent

Have you ever ridden an e-bike? No? Then take a look at Hotel Peters, where you can rent one. Attention: Please make a reservation in advance.