Campsite regulations

To make sure that many other groups can do their activities on our campsite, you need to stick to the following rules:

  1. You can only rent a campground if you are an approved youth association and a youth care club. Depending on the number of participants, there must be enough adult leaders for the group.
  2. The camp participants must behave in such a way that other campsite users or the population do not suffer any avoidable disadvantages on the campsite and in Jägersburg. In particular, from 10.00 p.m. it must be ensured that other campground users and the population of Jägersburg are not disturbed. The night’s rest must be observed from 24.00 o’clock.
  3. The use of loudspeakers and amplifier systems is prohibited, as other groups and the population of Jägersburg are unnecessarily disturbed.
  4. Nightly “raid squads” etc. are not tolerated. Violations are considered trespassing against the campsite operator.
  5. The cutting down of trees and shrubs on the square is prohibited. The adjacent forest is privately owned; even there, the felling of trees is prohibited. Danger of prosecution! Firewood procurement in the state forest is possible. Procurement of timber in consultation with the groundskeeper or the forestry authority.
  6. The campground must be used in such a way that even later groups can still enjoy it. The digging of moats around the tents is not permitted. If necessary, small sand walls can be created around the tents. The campsite has a water-permeable sandy bottom and dries very quickly.
  7. Motor vehicles are not allowed to drive on the campsite. These must be parked in the parking lot in front of the campsite. Material transport on the campground is carried out by handcart or wheelbarrow. Cycling on the campgrounds is prohibited.
  8. The installation of further fireplaces is not permitted. High fire (cooking) places may be created in consultation with the groundskeeper.
  9. The washing and toilet facilities must be cleaned daily by the groups. Cleaning is carried out alternately with the other groups. In the sinks on and in the toilet house, dishwashing is prohibited. For this purpose, special basins are available at the kitchen houses. The usual hygiene rules must be observed.
  10. When using the kitchen houses, they must be treated with care. Thorough final cleaning is mandatory.
  11. In the case of camp dismantling, the campground must be cleaned of any rubbish. Think of the following groups!
  12. The polluter or the responsible group leader is liable for damage to space facilities and untreated impurities.
  13. If a group or its members do not comply with the rules of conduct, the campsite operator reserves the right to compensation or immediate reprimand (in particular 2nd and 3rd). of the whole group from the campsite. In the case of a referral, the completely booked storage period must still be paid for at full group size!
  14. With the binding registration, these regulations are recognized. In the case of later cancellations, the right to repayment of the deposit does not apply. If no replacement occupancy can be made due to short-term deregistration, the place owner reserves the right to assert claims for damages in the amount of half the occupancy fee.

Homburg-Jaegersburg, November 2011