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The additional costs are calculated according to our experience. They are at your discretion. You can influence them directly. The exact fee schedule can be found below.

All information on the cost calculator and the pre-calculation are subject to change. They are only for orientation!

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We charge a deposit of 150, – Euro/per booked campsite. This is also considered a deposit for damage to the storage area or its facilities and the correct waste separation.

Costs of Stay

Per night and person, we charge you 5,50 EUR;
campground 1b per night and person 4,50 EUR
Pre- or post-commands are calculated with the full group strength!

Daily fee without night charge: 3,50 EUR/ person

We charge a minimum fee of 50,- EUR/ group


0,60 EUR / 1 kWh


A 33 kg bottle costs us 80,- EUR (Your consumption will be determined by level sensors on the gas bottles)


Each improperly sorted recycling bag and the little residual waste costs 7,- EUR / bag.


The filling of water basis of all kinds: 8,- EUR/ m³ of used water

Stand Fee for cars:

2 cars are free, but every additional one costs 1,- EUR per day (We advise you to take the train. Due to the protection of the environment we advise you to come with as few cars as possible.)


Firewood can be collected, and you are not charged for it.

Timber is not charged if it is tolerable. (We advise you to consult us if you are unsure.)

Homburg-Jägersburg, April 2022