The Sanitary House

Our new sanitary house was put into service in 2013. All the groups on the campsite use it together. For both sexes, a single separate shower is available. All showers and sinks provide hot water throughout.

This includes
For ladies: 5 showers, 5 sinks, 5 toilets, 4 jacks
For gentlemen: 5 showers, 5 sinks, 4 toilets, 5 urinals (2 of them are kids size), 4 jacks
In addition, a fully equipped independent unit for wheelchair users is available.

Paper towels and hand sanitiser are provided at the sinks.

Under the 120 m² big roof of the sanitary house at the edge of the playground, you can stay dry and play when it is raining. In addition, two Schuko® sockets, a 16A and a 32A CEE socket are available by arrangement.

Outer room of the shower
Unit for wheelchair users